Candidate for the position of Vice President Communications and Media

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Luke Trevillion (Purple Cobras)

Vice President Communications and Media - Vote Purple Cobras #1!



About Me

My name is Luke Trevillion, I’m in my third year studying sport studies and I’m running for VP Communications and Media. I'm in a slate called Purple Cobras too. I am part of the Active Student activator team in which I also run their twitter page. I captain the hockey 2’s team and also play locally for Potters Bar. When I’m not playing sport I am letting my creative side out with portrait drawings and creating designs on Photoshop.


Why I’m Standing

I love the media that the university has with Trident Media and admire the dedication that students have put into the various media outlets. I feel that the potential of Trident Media is yet to be released and believe that it can become an important aspect of many students’ daily lives.

I don’t want to fit in at Herts, I want to stand out.


But Why Me?

Students should vote for me because I am highly dedicated to improving the services for students at the university. Being involved in sport has let me gain skills that can be transferred over to other roles. Part of my course also focuses on sport business, and through this I have learned what can make a business successful, focusing on the services to the community. I have been a student for the past three years and also a consumer of the media channels at the university so I understand the mentality of a student and what would ensure media to be something the majority of students are involved in every day.


The Aims


Get Trident Media more recognition by increasing the amount of interaction between the different media outlets and students to raise the profile of Trident Media and make it more important for daily student life.


Create a society hub so that there is a place where students can catch the latest news and updates from their favourite societies, which can provide as an online society home. This is so students are able to get more interaction and be involved more with societies instead of just looking at Facebook posts or only being in contact through e-mails.


Kickstarting Union TV's success by making Union TV a media outlet where student productions are broadcast so that media students can get their designs seen. A place where anyone is able to create new media content for the channel in which is a dedicated student broadcasted channel.

For students, by students.


Provide more for associate colleges by bringing the Students Union to them and give them a voice to contribute to student media and have events over at the colleges to give the Student Union more recognition there and more interaction with the students.