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Panicking about plagiarism?

Good study skills are key to exam and assignment success! Don't forget...

Writing assignments, and getting used to new referencing systems, can be challenging; especially if it is your first Uni assignment! Here are our tips regarding good study practices to follow whilst tackling assignments:

1. Create a note-taking system to avoid unintentional plagiarism. This system should be able to tell you; (a) what notes are from which sources, and (b) whether your notes are direct quotes, paraphrased sections or your own reflections.

2. When writing about other sources, always provide a reference; this is also true for images or statistics from other sources.

3. Take care when paraphrasing; make sure that you do not copy the source. Also make sure that you provide an in-text reference for the source.

4. When writing direct quotes from other sources you must highlight this by putting the text within quotation marks.

5. Make sure that you write your reference list in accordance with your School’s referencing guidelines. Refer to your course handbook and/or Studynet pages for more information.

6. When writing your assignment, you must work alone. Collusion (a form of academic misconduct) occurs when students work together to gain an unfair advantage. Proven academic misconduct carries severe consequences.

7. Do not share your work with your friends.

8. Never purchase an assignment from the internet. If you are experiencing difficulties, and worry that you won’t be able to submit your assignment on time, speak to either the Module Leader or your Programme Leader.

Looking for study skills support?  As well as speaking to academic staff from your school, there is also plenty of study skills support available from other departments of the University too. For a full list of sources of academic support, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns about plagiarism, or investigations into academic misconduct, do not hesitate to contact the Hertfordshire Students' Union Advice & Support Team for confidential and impartial information and support. You can complete our online advice request form, e-mail, call 01707 285022 or book an online or face-to-face appointment with one of our Advisers.


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