Break and Breathe


Break and Breathe is all about preparing for your exams in a relaxed environment.


We get it, exams aren't the most fun you will ever have at University, but they're a necessary part of studying and are a great opportunity to show off all that you've learnt. It’s completely normal to feel a little anxious about exams, but they’re not the end of the world. If you take a little time to plan your revision in advance - and make an effort to look after yourself during exam time - all will be well. It’s all about balance. All of us at Hertfordshire Students' Union have been through exams too and we strongly believe that some self-TLC can make the world of difference.


Each year during exam periods we develop a timetable of activities to encourage you to take some time out to look after yourself. In addition to our programme of events, our Advice & Support team have created some top tips to help you when it comes to structuring your revision and totally bossing those exams! They're also on hand to chat to you should you need further support.


Top Tips
Sleep Well

It's important to establish a pattern that works for you so you're feeling as fresh as possible

Make a Plan

Build your revision plan around how you work best

Avoid Distraction

Find an environment to work in that's safe from distractions

Take Breaks

Make sure you take frequent breaks. You could stop for a cup of tea or head out for some fresh air


Try not to approach your exams with fear. Try to view them as a positive step towards gaining your desired qualification instead

Advice & Support

Should you ever feel the need to seek practical advice, or simply want to get things off your chest, we encourage you to speak to your Students' Union's Advice & Support team. For extra support, check out these key contacts