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SU Study Smart enables you to find the best, most efficient learning strategies according to your individual preferences.

Have you ever really thought about your learning preferences? Have you found a pattern of study that works in line with these? Everyone works differently, so we know that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t cut it when it comes to exam or assignment preparation. Our Study Smart scheme can help you to reflect on how you learn and find the best way to organise your work. Learning can be challenging but it shouldn’t feel like an uphill struggle. We’re offering you the opportunity to take a step back and figure out the most effective approach to your studies through our Study Smart sessions.

What is SU Study Smart?

SU Study Smart is a one-to-one session with one of our Academic & Welfare Advisers, exploring different approaches to learning and workload management techniques. Did you know that everyone has natural learning preferences and you can tailor how you work or revise to make learning feel easier? Take the opportunity to reflect on your own needs with an SU Study Smart appointment and find the best way to organise your workload.

How can SU Study Smart help me?

If it feels like you're struggling to manage the heavy workload at University - or you're doing everything you can to learn course material but find that nothing is sinking into your memory - SU Study Smart is perfect for you. Our Study Smart appointments give you the chance to reflect on your current workload management and learning strategies – exploring whether there are new, potentially more interesting and efficient, strategies for you to try.

How can I book an SU Study Smart session?

Simply request an appointment and we'll book you in for a session at the earliest convenience. There's no waiting list, you just need to let us know a time that suits you and we'll try our best to match it. We're open for student appointments from 10:00-16:00, Monday to Friday, all year round (except Bank Holidays and University Close Days). You can pop into the Advice & Support Centre, call us on 01707 285022 or email us at

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