Our Governance

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The regulations, policies and governance which provide the structure for how Herts SU is run.


As a registered charity, Hertfordshire Students' Union is overseen by a Trustee Board comprising of 4 Elected Officer Trustees, 2 Student Trustees and 4 External Trustees. It is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Management team. On this page you can find the regulations, policies and governance that we live by. Regulations look at the way our student leaders are elected, policies include a complaints procedure and our Equality and Diversity Policy, while governance includes our Memorandum and Articles of Association and Bye-Laws.


Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Memorandum and Articles of Association

The Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Byelaws of Hertfordshire Students' Union govern how the organisation is run; defining the responsibilities of its members, and the kind of business that it undertakes.


Bye-Law 1 - Governance

This Bye-Law defines the governance structures of the Students' Union, including the Executive Management Board, Student Council and Annual Members' Meetings.


Bye-Law 2 - Membership

This Bye-Law defines the membership benefits for Associate Members of the Students' Union.


Bye-Law 3 - Sabbatical Officers

This Bye-Law sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Students' Union's Elected Officers; including their role as Officer Trustees.


Bye-Law 4 - Elections and Referenda

This Bye-Law covers the procedure for the conduct of Students' Union Elections and Referendums.


Bye-Law 5 - Societies

This Bye-Law contains information about societies, including the process for their formation, committee expectations, memberships, elections, finances, misconduct and so on.

Please also see our Society Code of Conduct.


Bye-Law 6 - Code of Conduct

This Bye-Law sets out the procedures to be followed in the instance of disciplinary action being made against a member of the Students' Union.


Bye-Law 7 - Association Constitution

This Bye-Law presents the constitution for any associations of the Students' Union, outlining the responsibilities of the association, the roles of committee members, and the procedures for members.