School Community Organisers

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School Community Organisers (SCOs) are appointed by Herts SU and their School of Study to enhance the community of students and staff within each School.


This year we've recruited a fantastic team of SCOs who are looking forward to working collaboratively to improve your University experience. You can find out more about this role below, and also take a look at who the SCOs are for your School.

We would also encourage you to nominate an SCO of the Month as and when you feel like they deserve recognition!


What is an SCO?

School Community Organisers (SCOs) are paid, student leadership positions, appointed to enhance the community of students and staff within each School. They organise social events, collaborate with Student Reps and Elected Officers, and represent students’ interests to both the Students’ Union and University as senior Student Leaders. To find out the specifics of what SCOs do in your School, please take a look at the role description and/or contact the Student Voice team at


Who is my SCO?

You can find out more about our amazing team of School Community Organisers for the 2022-23 academic year here.

How do I become an SCO?

Applications for 2023-24 SCOs are now closed.


SCO of the Month

Every SCO has the opportunity to win an ‘SCO of the Month’ Award during the academic year for which they are appointed, and they can win more than once. The winner(s) will be decided by the Students' Union's Development team, based on the submissions that have come through, and the work that the corresponding SCOs have done during the given time period. As such, all students (including SCOs themselves) and staff are encouraged to nominate using this form

SCO Handbook
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