Student Council

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Student Council is the highest student-led representational body at the Students’ Union.


Student Council gives you the chance to hear what's happening behind the scenes, approve new ideas or policies, put forward suggestions and hold the Elected Officers to account. We run 5 or 6 meetings each year and at the first one a Chair and Deputy Chair are elected. Come to Student Council for the chance to talk directly to your Elected Officers and Students' Unionhave your voice heardinfluence SU policy and develop transferable skills like communication, negotiation & public speaking. Attending Student Council also counts towards the Go Herts Award and Rep Excellence Award!


What to expect

At Student Councils, Elected Officers will provide updates on their work, giving students the chance to hear directly from them and ask any questions. Once Officers have delivered their reports, motions will be debated and voted on. Any student can submit a motion about an issue they're passionate about. Students that propose motions will be invited to speak on why they think it's important. Other students can also raise their views if they wish to. Once the discussion has taken place, a vote is taken on whether the motion should be taken forwards. If it's passed, the SU will adopt the motion. Certain Student Councils will also feature other topics or announcements. The full agenda will be published beforehand so you know what to expect!


Submit a motion

Want to add something to the agenda? Simply complete this form and send it over to us at!



Upcoming Meetings (2023-24)

The date and time of our next meeting is Tuesday 6th February 4-6pm

If you hold a role as one of the Union's Student Leaders, check your email inbox for an invite!

Past Meetings (2021-22)
Past Meetings (2020-21)
Past Meetings (2019-20)

Motions Passed

Active (2017-now)

Creating Communities Through Networks  |  Passed: 05.02.20

Parking on Campus  |  Passed: 05.02.20

Campus Accommodation Prices  |  Passed: 05.02.20

Group work  |  Passed: 20.11.19

Society Inclusion Officers  |  Passed 20.11.19

White T-shirt Policy  |  Passed: 09.10.19

Introducing an Environmental Officer  |  Passed: 15.05.19

Inclusivity for Jewish Students  |  Passed: 15.05.19

Hearing Loop System in FMM  |  Passed: 08.04.19

Drop the 3 Ds  |  Passed: 08.04.19

More support for Trident Media  |  Passed: 06.02.19

Students' wellbeing in UH Strategy  |  Passed: 12.12.18

Students' Mental Health  |  Passed: 12.12.18

Lapsed (pre-2017)

Campaign Officers  |  Lapsed: March 2020

Crush Underground  |  Lapsed: February 2019

Graphic Designers  |  Lapsed: February 2019

Social Events and Welcome Ceremonies  |  Lapsed: February 2019