Student Council

Students on campus

Student Council is the highest student-led representational body at the Students’ Union.


Open to all of our student leaders, Student Council gives you the chance to hear what's happening behind the scenes, approve new ideas or policies, put forward suggestions and hold the Elected Officers to account. To make sure students are at the heart of Student Council, both a Chair and Deputy Chair is elected in the first meeting of every academic year. We normally run 5 or 6 meetings each year, with the Chair and Deputy Chair hosting them once in post


Who can attend Student Council?

Student Council is open to all of our student leaders. This includes BAME Advocates, Buddy Volunteers, School Community Organisers, Society Committee Members, Student Reps & Student Staff). Student leaders will be invited to Student Council meetings throughout the year via email. For accessibility reasons, these are held online via Microsoft Teams

How can I involved?

If you are one of our student leaders and would like to attend Student Council, simply look out for email correspondence throughout the year. Your invitation will include a link to the online call

Want to add something to the agenda? Simply complete this form and send it over to us at!

What are the benefits of getting involved?

There are a number of benefits of getting involved in Student Council...

  • The chance to talk directly to - and hear directly from - the Elected Officers and the SU
  • An opportunity to have your say at the highest level and have influence over policies that affect students
  • ? The chance to get to know other student leaders that you wouldn't normally interact with
  • An opportunity to develop transferable skills like communication, negotiation, assertiveness and so on



Upcoming Meetings (2022-23)

The date and time of our next meeting is Wednesday 30th November 2022 (4-6pm).

If you hold a role as one of the Union's Student Leaders, check your email inbox for an invite!

Past Meetings (2021-22)
Past Meetings (2020-21)
Past Meetings (2019-20)

Motions Passed

Active (2017-now)

Creating Communities Through Networks  |  Passed: 05.02.20

Parking on Campus  |  Passed: 05.02.20

Campus Accommodation Prices  |  Passed: 05.02.20

Group work  |  Passed: 20.11.19

Society Inclusion Officers  |  Passed 20.11.19

White T-shirt Policy  |  Passed: 09.10.19

Introducing an Environmental Officer  |  Passed: 15.05.19

Inclusivity for Jewish Students  |  Passed: 15.05.19

Hearing Loop System in FMM  |  Passed: 08.04.19

Drop the 3 Ds  |  Passed: 08.04.19

More support for Trident Media  |  Passed: 06.02.19

Students' wellbeing in UH Strategy  |  Passed: 12.12.18

Students' Mental Health  |  Passed: 12.12.18

Lapsed (pre-2017)

Campaign Officers  |  Lapsed: March 2020

Crush Underground  |  Lapsed: February 2019

Graphic Designers  |  Lapsed: February 2019

Social Events and Welcome Ceremonies  |  Lapsed: February 2019


If you're interested in this sort of thing, feel free to check out our regulations, policies and governance here.

And if you have any questions about anything mentioned on this page, please don't hesitate to contact us.