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Celebrate student success with us!


The Students' Union Awards are an annual celebration of student achievements over the course of the academic year. There are a range of award categories that highlight the outstanding contribution made by students, student leaders and student groups to enhance the student experience. The awards are completely led by students and staff at the University of Hertfordshire, giving you the opportunity to highlight anything standout from the 2021-22 calendar. We asked you to share your success stories with us and we heard from 478 of you, submitting a grand total of 643 nominations


All of our amazing finalists were invited to join us in The Forum for our awards ceremony on Thursday 5th May. The venue was transformed and guests enjoyed live music, a fantastic performance from our Urban Dance Society, lots of photo opportunities and an exciting awards presentation


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Award Categories

Student Awards

Change-Maker of the Year

This is awarded to a student who has worked hard to implement change and has made a positive difference to the student experience. The student will have engaged with the Students' Union, University and/or community.

Herts Community Spirit Award

Brand new this year, this award is open to all student leaders and student groups. This award celebrates those that have created a community feel for students despite the challenges presented by the pandemic this academic year.

Outstanding Contribution to the BAME Awarding Gap

This award recognises a student that has had a positive impact on the student experience through their outstanding contribution towards the elimination of the BAME Awarding Gap with the work they have done with the University and/or SU.


Student Leader Awards

Buddy Volunteer of the Year

This award recognises the Buddy Volunteer who has made an outstanding effort to help their Buddy settle into University life as part of the SU Buddy Scheme. The Buddy Volunteer will have engaged positively with the SU throughout the year.

Network Committee Member of the Year

This award recognises the committee member that has displayed great commitment, drive and innovation to ensure the success of their network. The committee member will have shown a remarkable level of engagement with their network members, the SU and the University.

School Community Organiser of the Year

This award recognises the School Community Organiser who has made an outstanding contribution to the student experience in their School by organising community-building events and supporting Student Reps in driving real change.

Student Rep of the Year

This award recognises the Student Rep who has made a remarkable impact in enhancing the academic experience of their peers, going above and beyond to ensure the student voice is heard and solutions are found to student issues.

Student Staff Member of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding work of a Hertfordshire Students' Union student staff member. The student will have displayed considerable commitment to their role, going above and beyond expectations.


Society Awards

Society of the Year

This award is to recognise a society that has had considerable success during the academic year. The society will have engaged fully with its members and the SU to enrich the student experience.

Society Committee of the Year

This award recognises the committee that has displayed great commitment, drive and innovation to ensure the success of their society. The committee will have shown a remarkable level of engagement with their society members and the SU.

Best New Society

This award is for the most popular society formed this academic year. The society stands out amongst other newbies for the impact it has had on the student experience since it was affiliated.

Best Society Event

This award is to recognise the best event or programme of activity hosted by a society. The event or activity will have been impactful, meaningful and/or particularly popular.


University Awards

SU x UH Partnership Award

This award recognises a University of Hertfordshire staff member or department that has collaborated with the Students' Union to enhance the student experience by working closely on an activity, event, campaign or project for the benefit of students.


Students' Union Awards

Outstanding Contribution to the Students' Union

Union Fellowship Award

This award recognises students who have displayed an outstanding degree of commitment to Hertfordshire Students’ Union during their time at the University of Hertfordshire. Recipients for this award are nominated and selected by the Elected Officers.


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