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Elected Officers are here to represent you on all areas of student life, making the Uni of Herts the best it can be. They use student feedback to drive change and ensure all students love life at Herts. This elections season, we're looking for our Elected Officer team for the 2024-25 academic year. You can use this opportunity either to run for a role or to vote on the students that do!



Shoutout to all 145 students that have run as candidates. We're excited to support you on your journey over the next few weeks! Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements ahead of voting, opening Monday 4th March


Dates for your Diary!



Monday 29th January (10:00) - Monday 19th February (10:00)
When you get to put yourself forward for one of the Full-Time Officer or Part-Time Officer positions for the 2024-25 academic year



Monday 4th March, Tuesday 5th March & Wednesday 6th March
When you get to have your say! Vote for the candidates you think are best



Friday 8th March
When we announce the winners!



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