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Computer Science Society- Meet & Greet

Monday 16 October 2023

7pm - 11pm

Elehouse, College Lane Campus, University of Hertfordshire

Our first in-person event of the year is planned for Monday, October 16th, from  19:10 to 23:00 GMT, held in the Elehouse located on College Lane Campus!

There'll be Halal Pizza and Some Refreshments (Other Food and drinks can be purchased from the Elehouse), we'll play some Games, and you'll have a chance to meet other members of the society as well as the Committee!
You must not miss it - it's FREE, so bring a friend, leave with more friends, and have a good time.
If you are attending and have a specific allergen requirement, please notify us in the required RSVP form below, as everybody will need to fill it in to confirm their presence and fill in any allergies you might have.

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