Grad Balls

Picture of students at the Masquerade SummerBall wearing masks

End the year in style at your Grad Ball!


We've been working behind the scenes with your academic societies and School Community Organisers to curate custom Grad Balls for each School of Study. Coming to The Forum in May, this is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the 2023-24 academic year! Whether you'll be graduating this summer or not, you're welcome to join us for a glam evening full of surprises


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Your Questions Answered

What is a Grad Ball?

A Grad Ball is an event at the end of the academic year where students in your School of Study can come together and celebrate in style! Attendees can expect a buffet style meal, music & dancing and the opportunity to socialise with your coursemates. Themes and exact details will differ from school to school, so check out your School of Study's Grad Ball for more info!

Do I have to be a graduating student to be able come?

Nope! While this event is a great chance for final year students to celebrate the end of their degree and upcoming graduation, this event is an end of year celebration for all students, no matter what year of study you're in. We encourage all students to get a ticket for their Grad Ball!

What do Grad Ball tickets include and where can I get one?

Each Grad Ball has an event page on our website where you can purchase your ticket, or you can buy one at either one of our Welcome Desks (College Lane or De Hav). Your ticket gives you entry to the event and includes a meal

There are multiple ticket options for my Grad Ball. Which one should I buy?

Please see below the different ticket options and who is eligible for each one...


Society Members - you are eligible if you belong to one of your School of Study's academic societies

Student - you are eligible if you are a current UH student

Guest - all UH students can bring one guest (a non UH student) with them to their Grad Ball. The student must purchase their guest ticket and they must arrive together on the night

Student Success - you are eligible if you are part of the uni's Student Success Programme

What's the deal with guests?

Guest tickets are available for non UH students but these must be purchased by a current UH student. All students can purchase up to 1 guest ticket in addition to their own. There are a limited number of guest tickets available, so make sure to get in there quickly! Please note that guests must arrive with the UH student that purchased their ticket

When do tickets come off sale?

Tickets for each Grad Ball will be live on the event page and available at our Welcome Desks until 1 week before the event

Ticket prices for Grad Balls seem to have dropped. Why is this?

In response to student feedback which felt the original tickets were a touch too pricey, we've reduced ticket prices to ensure as many students as possible can come to their Grad Ball. Anyone who purchased a ticket at the original (higher) price will be contacted about a refund to cover the difference

Can I only buy a ticket for my School of Study's Grad Ball?

As a current UH Student, you are able to buy a student ticket for any of the six Grad Ball events. If you are part of an academic society, you will only be able to get the discounted £15 Society Member ticket for your School's Grad Ball.