Chosen Charities

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Each year RaG selects 3 charities (one international, one national and one local) to raise awareness & money for. So how are these decided? The RaG committee shortlists 9 charities - so 3 for each sector - and these go out to a student vote. The charities within each sector that receive the most student votes become our chosen charities. Find out more about our chosen charities for 2021-22 below!


Local Charity

Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse

Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse is a charity that offers confidential, free, support and signposting service for anyone affected by domestic abuse.

National Charity

Student Minds

Student Minds empower students and members of the university community to look after their own mental health, support others and create change.

International Charity

Rainforest Trust UK

Rainforest Trust UK protect threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife worldwide by partnering with local and community organisations in and around vulnerable areas.


Society Fundraising

Societies are very much encouraged to fundraise throughout the year. We know that societies might wish to fundraise for a charity they feel passionate about, as opposed to RaG's chosen charities. We have therefore introduced an Adopt a Charity scheme, whereby societies can select the charity of their choice to raise money for.