Society Committee Elections

Society Committee Elections

Your chance to elect a new leadership team for your society for the next academic year!


All societies must participate in Society Committee Elections to ensure a democratic and fair process has been followed in selecting their leadership team for the following year. Society members are invited to run for the roles and then given the chance to vote for them. Every society must have a core committee of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer & Inclusion Officer, but some societies choose to have additional roles for extra support. These voluntary roles are great leadership opportunities for students at the Uni of Herts. Students that want to be part of their society's committee must nominate themselves for the role they would like and then need to be voted in by the members of society


We've set everything up for you, you just have to make sure your society has nominees for each position and you encourage your members to vote. Societies that fail to elect a committee run the risk of becoming inactive the following academic year. Don't let this happen to your society!


You can find out more about society committee elections rules here.

Key Dates

Round One

  • Nominations = Monday 15th April (10:00) - Wednesday 17th April (11:00)
  • Voting = Wednesday 17th April (12:00) - Friday 19th April (16:00)


Round Two

  • Nominations = Monday 29th April (10:00) - Wednesday 1st May (11:00)
  • Voting = Wednesday 1st May (13:00) - Friday 3rd May (16:00)


Round Three

  • Nominations = Monday 13th May (10:00) - Wednesday 15th May (11:00)
  • Voting = Wednesday 15th May (13:00) - Friday 17th May (16:00)


Please note that we will only continue to open up Society Committee Elections for your society until all the roles are filled!

Who can run for a role?

Society members that are returning to Herts to study next year can put themselves forward for one of the available roles, with all society members being able to vote. Please note that you must be a current member of a society to run or vote in their elections


All students studying at the Uni of Herts, regardless of subject, campus, or anything else may run for the committee for any society. This means that all your members, with the exception of non-student members, may stand for election to any position within the committee


You can only stand for one committee position per society, but you can be part of up to three different society committees (for example you cannot stand as Chair and Treasurer of the Cheese Society, but you can stand as Chair for the Cheese Society and Treasurer for the First Aid Society)

Why run for a role?

There are loads of benefits of being a Society Committee Member, like...

  • Being able to shape the direction of your society
  • Enhancing your employability
  • Opening yourself up to new opportunities

& more!


Society Committee Members are completely supported by our Student Opportunities team, so you're not in it alone! You can expect comprehensive training, a detailed handbook and access to our committee toolkit


Find out more about the benefits of this leadership opportunity and the support you'll receive as a committee member here

What do the roles involve?

Depending on the society, some roles will only take up a couple of hours each week, though bigger societies may be up to 5 hours per week. However, this really does depend on the types of events you want to run and how active you want your society to be. Your society is what you make it! 


Each position comes with different responsibilities. You can see the key tasks for each role below!



  • To support the rest of the Society Committee Members
  • To ensure the smooth running of the society
  • To ensure the constitution (the society's goals & aims) are followed
  • To bring your other committee members together
  • To approve society finances with the Treasurer
  • To ensure the society is run in a sustainable way



  • To support the Chair and their workload if necessary
  • To write and share the minutes of each meeting
  • To contact members of society (via social media, chats, emails etc)
  • To book rooms or venues
  • To ensure the society is run in a sustainable way



  • To monitor your society's finances by tracking your spending and income
  • To ensure the society stays within budget
  • To ensure the rest of the committee is aware of the budgets
  • To approve the society's finances with the Chair
  • To ensure the society is run in a sustainable way and ensure society finance is utilised ethically


Inclusion Officer

  • To make sure all the society members are complying with the uni's equality and diversity
  • To be the welcoming contact to new members
  • To reduce any barriers to participation in society events
  • To ensure the society is run in a sustainable way
  • To keep an eye out for any students who might need additional support and give them guidance on where to access this


Some societies also have additional roles like an Events Planner or Social Media Officer. These additional roles will be displayed on their society webpage

How do I put myself forwards for a role?

Simply follow the steps below...


  • Make sure you're logged into our website
  • Head to your society page and scroll to the bottom
  • Click on the election
  • Locate the role you want to nominate yourself for and click nominate yourself
  • Input your information & upload a photo of yourself. Then click review your nomination
  • Add a manifesto if you wish to (your chance to explain why you're suitable for the role and why members should vote for you)


Make sure you nominate yourself for the role before the nomination period ends!

What Current Committee Members Say...

Pratham, Chair of Salsa Society

"Joining a society committee at UH transformed my student life. It's more than a line on your CV—it's about leadership, lasting friendships, and making a real impact. Dive in and discover your potential!"

Ann Lennox, History & Folklore Society

"I highly recommend being involved in a society as a committee member! I have made some lovely friends across the university and learnt some valuable, transferable skills such as event planning, creating newsletters and working in a team. It has been a great confidence boost and you receive lots of support and training from the SU. Don’t hesitate to put yourself forward!"

Aravind, Chair of Computer Science Society

"I've relished the dynamic role of Chair of the Computer Science Society, from the day-to-day management to organising major events. Balancing finances, ensuring compliance with bylaws, and fostering a cohesive committee have honed my leadership and organisational skills. It's a privilege to guide our society toward success while upholding our values and standards. Working with the Students' Union and SPECS is an honour all together, being a student leader is a privileged service to represent students and deliver a better student community"

Afsara, Chair of Book Club

"Being part of a society committee is one of the best things to do! It helps build leadership skills, organisation and teaches how to balance different aspects of being a student. You get to meet a lot of people and feel more integrated with student life"