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Welcome to the K-Entertainment Society

Are you a fan of K-Pop? or perhaps a K-Drama lover? Or maybe bothThen you have come to the right place. 
K-Entertainment stands for Korean Entertainment. This includes dramas, music videos, variety shows, reality shows and much more. We not only listen to K-Pop, but K-Rap, K-Hip Hop and much more. We watch a variety of dramas/movies; genres ranging from sad to happy, from historical to romance [this is not an exhaustive list!]. Don't worry, we make sure that every voice is heard!
This year, our aim is to do a variety of events including quiz nights, games nights, movie nights as well as reaction videos. We may even hold an end of year K-Pop party with other societies!
If you don't know what K-Entertainment is then don't hesitate to join us - everyone is welcome!
Student membership will be £2 for the whole year and £4 for non-students.
Currently, we are holding face-to-face sessions! Details are always sent out via email so make sure you have your membership!
When? Fridays 6pm to 8:30pm
Below is a quick video from last year:
If you would like to get in contact with us, please email us at uhk.entertainment@gmail.com
Follow us on our Instagram page: @uhk.ent

Committee Members 2021-2022:

Chair: Eisha Imtiaz
Secretary: Chaeeun "Victoria" Song
Treasurer: Alice Saaremaa
Inclusion Officer: Lisa "Lis" Farrell-Tonge
Our society is about …. K entertainment society is a society which enjoys anything got do with Korean type of entertainment or culture or music such as K-pop, k dramas, games etc.
Our society aims are…. Bring all K-pop, k drama lovers together to enjoy anything to do with Korean events. To bring students together/ make friends through games. Take any suggestions our members would like to see. Equal opportunities to learn the culture together.
We provide students with…. Games to get to know our members likes and dislikes regarding K-pop, k- dramas or games. Not only that we make it a habit to allow our members to ask any questions/ queries/ suggestions.
Our committee is…. Treasurer: Alice Chairperson: Eisha Inclusion Officer: Lisa Secretary: Veronica

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