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Welcome to the Anime Society

We welcome you to the society of anime lovers.

Being a part of our community guarantees your fun on a weekly basis with other people who share similar interests with you. We have a diverse range of genres that we touch on, so do not worry about your visions/interests not being heard on. We have a box where you can put in suggestions at any time, which will help us plan our events. This ensures that you get involved with what we plan to do. :D

Our events are direct. The types of events that we hold are things such as, game nights (we have acess to using the switch), movie nights, anime-themed parties, scavenger hunts, trips to conventions, etc.

We look forward to seeing you here ;)

Committee Members 2021-2022

Chair: Eisha Imtiaz

Secretary: Levina Gracia

Treasurer: Daria Kader

Inclusion Officer: Stephen Barrientos

If you have any queries, please feel free to pop us an email to


Please find our 2022/2023 constituion here:

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