PharmSci Society

For Pharmaceutical Science Students!

Committee members2023/2024:
Chair: Ishlene Bazaz

Secretary: Ayida Ansari

Treasurer: Vu Hoa Anh Le

Inclusion officer: Amber Tapley 

Social media officer: Victoria Song


Welcome to the Pharmaceutical Science Society, where we're not just a society; we're your passport to an exciting journey in the world of pharmaceutical science!


About Us:

Discover a community that goes beyond textbooks – we're here to provide invaluable career advice tailored for pharmaceutical science students. More than just a society, we're your outlet where others truly understand your journey.


Our Aims:

Inclusivity is our mantra! Join us for a rollercoaster of fun events designed to keep you hooked until the very end. Forge lasting friendships, and let's collaborate with other societies and similar degree programs for an enriched experience.


What We Offer:

Step into a vibrant society where connections thrive. We're more than a community; we're your support system. Brace yourself for amazing events that redefine your college experience, crafted with our utmost dedication.


Meet Our Committee:

Our dynamic committee, composed of 3 passionate first years and two experienced third year pharmaceutical science students, brings a wealth of skills to the table. We're committed to providing the best, ensuring our society becomes your home away from home.


Join us and elevate your pharmaceutical journey – where advice meets adventure, friendships flourish, and the excitement never ends!



  • PharmSci Games and Pizza Afternoon! Thu 18 Apr 2024 - Society Member£2.00
  • Come Study with Pharm Sci! Wed 10 Apr 2024 - Society Member£0.00
  • PharmSci Games and Pizza Afternoon! Thu 18 Apr 2024 - Non-Members£2.50

Society Committee Elections No elections are currently running