Nepalese Society

Namaste! Nepali Society at University of Hertfordshire. Please join us if you are interested in the country Nepal, birth place of Gautam Buddha and home to the highest peak Mount Everest.

Namaste everyone!

Our society aims to unite all Nepalese students within the University of Hertfordshire and to let people experience our Nepalese culture. We would love to broaden their knowledge and simply enjoy! We will be organising various events such as 

-acoustic night,

-movie night,

-festival dinners,

-fun night and sports event

-Cultural exchange (merging with different societies)

-annual collabortion events with other universtities 


Please don't be shy and enquire about the society as we are creating a platform for students to enjoy their social life as well as their studies. We would love to make people at home and have an enjoyable time. To create a platform which will enable people to make connections among Nepalese students and to just have fun!




2022-2023 Committee

President: Riti Rai 

Vice-President: Nikem Rai

Treasurer: William Sanmani

Secretary: Adarsha Paudel

Inclusion Officer: Sushant Gurung


2021-2022 Committee

President: Bijaya Limbu (he/him)

Treasurer: Shristi Gurung (she/her)

Secretary: Rayush Shrestha (he/him)

Inclusion Officer: Rusha Chhetri (she/her)


2020-2021 Committee

President: Sageka Rai 


Secretary: Rigson Rana

Treasurer: Sonica Shakya

Inclusion Officer: Pawan Gurung



2019-20 Committee

President: Aswin Rai


Vice President: Rosan Rai

Treasurer: Rebecca Limbu

Secretary: Sunita Purja Magar

Advisor: Christina Gurung

Event Cor-ordinator: Bisnu Gurung


2018-19 Committee

President: Susmita Limbu


Secretary: Roshina Gurung

Treasurer: Sangita Gurung

Event Co-ordinator-Milan Gurung

Advisor: Ashish Gurung


2017-18 Committee

President: Sita Karki


Vice-president: Rabina Rai

Secretary: Ribeka Rai

Treasurer: Richa Limbu

Advisors: Kamal Limbu and Sunil Sapkota



President: Janmajaya Giri

Vice-president: Sita Karki

Treasurer: Sangam Rai

Advisors: Shusmita Limbu and Tembe Limbu



President: Sushila Roka

Vice-president: Rahul Pangilama

Secretary: Bibek Gurung


Please find our 2022/2023 constituion here:



  • Nepalese New Year! Mon 15 Apr 2024 - Members£5.00
  • Nepalese New Year! Mon 15 Apr 2024 - Non-Members£7.00
  • Nepalese New Year! Mon 15 Apr 2024 - Committee Members£0.00
  • Nepalese New Year! Mon 15 Apr 2024 - Non-Student Ticket£8.50

Society Committee Elections No elections are currently running