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Welcome to Tamil Society

The Tamil language is one of the oldest languages in the world and is being spoken for more than 10,000 years. Tamil culture is unique from the other cultures that are being followed across the world. We aim to bring up a growing togetherness among the student members of the society and members of other societies. We host many social events during the year that are being celebrated by the Tamil people for thousands of years. The Tamil community spans across countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Maldives, Myanmar, Cameroon, Pakistan, etc. The Tamil Society will be uniting the Tamil ethnic groups from various groups and will be encouraging various other cultures across the world.

The Tamil Society helps to improve the university experience for new students as well as existing students to uptake the cultures and to implement lots of campaigns, which includes discussion on a range of topics to enhance the vital thoughts of our culture. This society has an opportunity to learn and celebrate the richness of the oldest language in the world. We will provide fun and enjoyable events allowing members to meet and make long-lasting friends. This society helps to enumerate friendly relationships among the people and enrich the healthy relation with the neighboring friends. 

In our society, we do different events and activities to improve the social relationship along with the students and neighboring friends to define the Tamil festivals such as the Pongal festival celebration, the Deepavali festival celebration, Tamil new year celebration, Krishna Jayanthi, And other Tamil cultural events. We make lots of events to socialize with the students such as Kollywood nights (Tentkottai). To improve physical fitness among the people we arrange activities such as Sports cricket, football, etc. 

The Tamil Society unites the Tamil diaspora and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Tamil speaking community, in our home away from home. We actively encourage Non-Tamil students to be a part of our community, not only to learn about Tamil culture but also to partake and enjoy the diverse opportunities that we present.



This Society is Currently a Work in Progress- Events tbc asap

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