Society of the Month

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For every month that falls within the academic year, we reward our standout societies.


Has your society been particularly brilliant this month? Were they great at welcoming in newbies? Was one of their events a real hit? Did they raise money for a worthy cause? Let us know! Draw our attention to your society so that we can reward you for all your hard work.


  • Nominations

  • Anyone can nominate your society! Click here to be directed to the nomination form. Nominations will be reviewed by the Student Activities team who will select one winner each month.


  • Winners

  • The winning society will receive £50, be celebrated across our social media channels and automatically be nominated for the relevant award at the Students' Union Awards! Check out the societies who have received the award below:


Debate Society

October's Society of the Month is the Debate Society who have hosted many debates for society members such as; "Should recreational drugs be legalised?" and "Is Cancel Culture a Force for Good?" They have been incredibly welcome to their growing society and already have 60 members!



Education Society

November's Society of the Month has gone to the Education Society! They are a growing society and have reached 70+ members this year! The committee have been very welcoming and engaging during the challenging times of this year and have hosted many online activities. Society members have enjoyed guest speakers, coffee mornings and collaborations with other societies. Keep up the great work!



Student Parent Society

December's Society of the Month has gone to the Student Parent Society! The society has been consistent in delivering fun and engaging events for their members which has resulted in more than 25 members! Events they have hosted, include wellness sessions, scavenger hunts and quiz nights! Well done!



Pharmacology Society

January's Society of the Month has gone to the Pharmacology Society! Committee members have worked closely with lecturers to promote the society which has resulted in 30+ members currently! Society members have described the committee as being 'committed to delivering the best service to members throughout this challenging time". They have run many successful events and have created a strong community since they started.



LGBT+ Society

This society continues to allow students to feel included and able to celebrate and express themselves. Throughout LGBT+ History Month, they have brought us incredible events, from Pride Bingo and a Drag Make Up Workshop to an aerobics class and collaborating with other societies on fun socials like ‘Equali-tea’. They continue to create such a positive and inclusive community, of nearly 150 students, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the rest of the year!



School of Creative Arts Society

The School of Creative Arts Society has done the most monumental job of inspiring students to be creative throughout the month of March, and to brighten up spring by encouraging us to get involved with a whopping 17 different events. The society committee has collaborated with a number of different societies including the LGBT+ society, Fashion society, Education society and Marvelous Disney Society, and has demonstrated an incredible amount of organisation and enthusiasm! We can't wait for next March!



Green Movement Society

The Green Movement Society organised an amazing initiative to commemorate Earth Day. They collaborated with the Dean of Students and Students' Union to arrange a Community Litter Pick, both on-campus and in the surrounding area. Their outings were really successful, as they managed to clear 7 bags full of rubbish from the streets. A number of students were involved in the project, coming together to make our local environment cleaner.



Esports Society

October's Society of the Month is the Esports Society who have already reached more than 180 members. They have put on a number of successful events and had managed to raise £1,204 for the SpecialEffect charity in the process. With the community they have managed to build on-campus, it's no surprise that the Esports Society has always been a popular one.



Malaysian Society

November's Society of the Month has been rewarded to the Malaysian Society, for they have had an extremely impressive start to the year. The Malaysian Society have run - and attended - a number of events, engaging more than 120 members. In addition to their on-campus activities, they recently travelled further afield for the Nottingham Malaysian Games, where one of their members came runner-up in the Snooker Tournament. Keep up the hard work!



Urban Dance Society

December's Society of the Month has been awarded to Urban Dance Society! They have gone from strength to strength since the creation of the society last year, have performed at student nights and have qualified for a competition next year. They have created a friendly safe where all levels feel confortable to join in and we can't wait to see what they do next.



Pole & Aerial Society

January's Society of the Month has gone to Pole & Aerial Society! They have successfully launched some merchandise for their members and are taking part in upcoming competitions. They are also excellent at collaborating with other departments, they have performed at The Forum nights twice this month. Congratulations!



Global Students Society

February's Society of the Month is awarded to Global Students Society! They organised an incredibly successful Acoustic Night in the Elehouse. Over 20 students showcased their talents in Spanish, Hindi, English, Russian and many more languages. We hope to see this event again in the future!



Society of Psychology and Sport Sciences

Here's to a fabulous start to the 2018-19 academic year! As a brand new society, SoPaSS really hit the ground running. Not only did they promote fantastic academic opportunities for their members, they also ran a number of socials away from the classroom. The Students' Union have been really impressed with the hard work put in by the committee and look forward to seeing what else they produce this year.



Pole and Aerial Society

The Pole and Aerial Society continue to impress the Students' Union. They have had a very proactive semester 1, running regular sessions in Hutton Hall for students of all abilities and having frequent socials for their members. Keep up the hard work!



The Global Students Society

The Global Students Society has been one of the most popular this year without doubt. They have engaged with many of the Students' Union's initiatives, run a number of large events and helped shape many a friendship. The committee are very passionate about their society and deserve to be rewarded for their hard work.



Chinese Christian Fellowship, Japanese Society, Korean Culture Society, Malaysian Society, Taekwondo Society + Vietnamese Society

February's Society of the Month has been awarded to a number of societies for their joint effort in pulling off a spectacular Lunar New Year event alongside the Students' Union. The Students' Union were blown away by the commitment, enthusiasm and creativity of these societies. Without the societies, the event simply wouldn't have been half of what it was. It was such a hit and we're really thankful for their exceptional involvement.