Society Forums

Students hanging out


An open conversation between societies and the Students' Union.


What is a Society Forum?

A Society Forum is an interactive session that allows you to have your voices heard. Gathering once a semester, this is a nice opportunity for societies to share their achievements with each other and feedback any difficulties faced along the way. The SU will take note of all that's mentioned and will look to find solutions where possible. We also use this time to let you know of anything we feel is relevant or might interest you.


When are they?

We have 1 Society Forum per semester. Once the dates are confirmed, you will be able to access the event page, and we will also let you know through our weekly society newsletter and whatsapp groupchat.


Who can come?

Society Forums are open to all committee members. While it isn’t compulsory that you attend, we encourage as many committee members to come as possible (and it counts towards society accreditation scheme!) Society Forums can be the root of real change, so come along and let us know what you would do differently and what you think is working well. Your voice could be the difference. You'll get some free food, too!


Do I need to register?

Nope! Just turn up to the session(s).


What have we done with your feedback?

  • •   Increased role specific committee guidance to further support specialised roles.
  • •   SU purchase of shared annual celebration items to improve sustainability and reduce cost.
  • •   Implementing a daily review of society spaces to ensure high standards of health and safety.
  • •   Training for committee members on supporting neurodiverse members.