Societies & Sustainability

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Helping your society to be more sustainable!


Check out the guide we've put together to help your society think about more sustainable practices.



If you have any more ideas on how societies can become more green, be sure to let us know!


Become a sustainability champion within your society...

We are looking for proactive members of each committee to become sustainability champions. You don't need to know loads about sustainability, just have a passion for it!

If you would like to become one please click here and drop us an email we will explain the role and then the training you will receive.


What carbon footprint? Do you want to offset your carbon emission we've got an easy way to do it?

We will offer you the opportunity as long as you have money in your account to make a donation to the World Land trust. To work out your carbon footprint please click here.

Just take these steps:

  • 1. Email us at, letting us know the amount you would like to donate make sure you've society committee finance approvers are cc'd on the email.

  • 2. Once all of your finance approvers email with expenditure approval, we will make the donation on your behalf to the woodland trust.

  • 3. We recommend you only donate what you can afford, these are a few options £5 to plant a single tree, £100 would purchase an acre to protect and £141 would offset the equivalent emissions of a small family for a year.