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The classic student discount card brought to you at a special price.


We've partnered up with TOTUM to provide you a special rate on their infamous TOTUM Card (1 year membership). Make sure you get your hands on one of our TOTUM Vouchers before they're all gone!


TOTUM Voucher

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What is a TOTUM Voucher?

Our TOTUM Vouchers allow you to get a TOTUM Card for a special rate. TOTUM Cards are normally priced from £14.99, but our TOTUM Voucher enables you to get your hands on a TOTUM Card for just £9.99. Simply buy a TOTUM Voucher and then use your unique code to get your TOTUM Card.

Turning your TOTUM Voucher into a TOTUM Card

Simply work your way through the following steps:

  • 1. Purchase your TOTUM Voucher from our Welcome Desk or website.
  • 2. Once your payment has gone through, you'll receive a confirmation email containing your unique code.
  • 3. Once you've got this, head over to TOTUM and hit join now.
  • 4. Create an account.
  • 5. Select "I have a voucher code" and enter the unique code you received.
  • 6. Proceed with the set up of your TOTUM Card.
What are the benefits of a TOTUM Card?

TOTUM is the only student discount, proof of age ID and campus life platform recommended by the National Union of Students. The TOTUM Card is one of the nation's favourite sources for student discount, with more than 250 student offers available across a range of retailers. Check out their exclusive offers here. You can use your TOTUM Card in-store and online.

Who can buy a TOTUM Card?

TOTUM Cards can be purchased by all students at the University of Hertfordshire. Staff members are also able to take advantage of this perk! As such, our TOTUM Vouchers can be purchased by all students and staff at UH.

What happened to NUS Extra?

We hear you, this all sort of rings a bell except for the word TOTUM. You're probably thinking about the NUS Extra Cards we used to sell. TOTUM is literally just the new name for this platform as they recently had a re-brand in order to separate their fantastic commercial offers from the charity side of the company. Anyone with an NUS Extra Card is still able to use it right up until its expiry date.