Safety Policy

Safety Policy


The Forum nightclub has undertaken a risk assessment on all activity has put measures in place to mitigate risks.


We ask all event attendees to follow announcement, alarms and signage accordingly and adhere to the code of conduct. This will allow us to abide by our licensing objectives.

Our commitment to you is as follows: ‘Hertfordshire Students’ Union will operate and manage the venue that is safe and secure for students to have a good time!’


The measures we have put in place:

1. Full risk assessment of all activity and fire evacuation strategy for the venue.

2. Working with SIA security guards, that are trained and experienced in operating student venues. We work closely with our security to ensure they are providing you with effective protection and we will challenge and deal with any behaviours drawn to our attention, we are also minimising the use of any student guards in the venue.

3. Full CCTV coverage of the venue is now in place on all floors, stairs wells and bars. We deploy 4 body worn cameras for forum management and security.

4. We are launching a new training programme for our staff and security – that includes the Ask for Angela scheme and drug awareness to ensure they prepared for their roles.

5. We provide medical support on nights out by a trained paramedic and on smaller nights first aid trained staff.

6. We adopt strict conditions of entry in the venue and are deploying increased searches coming into the venue. This will slow down the queue and we will endeavour to make this as quickly as possible. We ask that you come early to avoid any wait. We are also limiting to an extent the number of guests in the venue to ensure the venue is for students.

7. We operate a strict no liquids, drugs or prohibited items into the venue to ensure no items of harm can enter the venue.

8. The venue has undertaken measures to ensure the safety of COVID 19 whilst in the venue, this includes a robust ventilation system, staff wearing masks where appropriate and hand washing facilities. We also encourage all staff and ticket holders to not come if they display symptoms of COVID-19 and undertake a test and receive a negative result before attending an event or work. We do not require a proof of vaccination as condition of entry and continue to follow government guidelines in this area.

9. All incidents and reports are shared with relevant parties including the University of Hertfordshire and the Police to ensure follow up of allegations and investigations completed.

10. The venue has a robust banning policy to culprits of unacceptable behaviour are not allowed in at future events. Based on licensing parameters and recommendations from the University and police.

11. We have opened a new night route with UH Security through to accommodation to ensure your route home is well lit and has a presence of campus security on the way home.

12. We are also supported by Uno buses on a Wednesday and Friday night with late night free shuttle service continuing to de Hav.

13. If you need a welfare support, please report this to a member of staff or security found in black t-shirts or yellow high vis. We also ask all staff and high vis to proactively step in should they see an incident occurring.




 Disciplinary Action


 Warning to 3-month exclusion

 Smoking or vaping

 Evicted & 2-week ban (increased for repeated offences)

 Repeated breach of smoking/vaping policy

 1 month exclusion

 Minor vandalism

 Payment for damage & excluded until paid

 Irresponsible behaviour e.g. Throwing objects

 2 weeks to 6 months (if action causes harm)

 Major vandalism

 6 months to lifetime exclusion & payment of damage

 Unauthorised entry to premises

 2 months to 4-month exclusion


 3 months to lifetime exclusion


 3 months to lifetime exclusion

 Verbal abuse or threats to staff

 1 month to 3 - month exclusion


 3 months to lifetime exclusion & apology

 Harassment of a sexual nature

 3 months to lifetime exclusion & apology

 Threatening behaviour

 3 to 12-month exclusion

 Drug possession – personal use

 1 month to lifetime ban

 Drug possession – non-personal use

 Lifetime exclusion


 6 months to lifetime exclusion

 Violent assault

 Lifetime exclusion

 Assault of a sexual nature

 Lifetime exclusion

 Possession of prohibited item

 Evicted & 2 weeks to 3-month exclusion

 Possession of illegal and offensive weapons

 Lifetime exclusion


 Lifetime exclusion


If you would like to provide some feedback on the forum safety measures please contact