Academic Representation & Support

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There are a number of ways in which we can support you academically!


Whether you want an opportunity to mingle more with your peers, somewhere to raise feedback on your academic experience or a helping hand, we're here for you. Find out how your Students' Union can support you with your learning experience during your time at Herts


Improving Your Academic Experience

Academic Societies

Hang out with students from your School of Study outside the classroom

Network, build your skills and make friends

Academic Societies are a great way to keep your learning experience fun. Our academic societies are the most popular of all societies this year. Make sure you're part of yours! Join your academic society here

Elected Officers

Chat to your Elected Officers

Give specific feedback about your student experience

The Elected Officers work at the Students' Union to represent you on all areas of student life. They work closely with senior staff members at the Uni of Herts to ensure the student voice is heard and the right changes are made

Student Reps & School Community Organisers

Chat to your Student Reps & School Community Organisers

Give specific feedback about your academic experience

We support hundreds of Student Reps and a strong team of School Community Organisers (SCOs) too. They work on the ground to collect feedback about your course or School of Study and they share this with the uni to drive the change you want to see

Surveys & Focus Groups

Have your say with surveys & focus groups

Leave general feedback on a given topic

We run extensive research year round to uncover the issues students are facing. We use this research to make sure we (and the Uni of Herts) are providing the right provisions & means of support for students. You can leave feedback on a given topic in surveys or as part of a focus group. We post our live feedback opportunities here, along with an overview of how we've used your feedback from previous surveys & focus groups


Supporting You on Your Student Journey

Academic Advice

Reach out for free, confidential & impartial academic advice

Recieve advice about academic issues you're facing

We're completely separate to the Uni of Herts, which means our Advice & Support team are the only place you can go for truly independent and impartial advice. They can support you with a range of academic issues. Whether you'd like to submit an academic appeal, need guidance on how to navigate an academic misconduct case or would like advice on how to deal with unforeseen circumstances affecting your studies, we can help. You can request an appointment with an Academic & Welfare Adviser here


Join Your Academic Society Have Your Say Get Academic Advice