Rhiannon smiling in front of a blurred yellow building

The Elected Officers are here to represent you across all areas of student life. They are all current or former students who were elected into their roles in our annual Elections. Your Elected Officers are Trustees of the Students' Union and work full-time alongside our team of staff. With the goal of improving the student experience here at Herts, they implement new ideas and campaign for change according to student feedback.


Your Elected Officers for 2022-23 are:



Rhiannon Ellis (She/Her)



Saj (He/Him)

Vice President Activities


Osama Siddiqui (He/Him)

Vice President Community


Aman Tripathi (He/Him)

Vice President Education

Rhiannon Ellis (She/Her)


As President I lead the Elected Officer team. I sit on several committees at the University to ensure the student voice is heard at the highest level.


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