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Have you experienced or witnessed a breach of the rules as part of the elections?


It's really important to us that a fair, democratic election is observed by everyone involved. That's why we've created a Complaints Form for our elections, so that you can let us know if you believe any candidate has breached the Rules and Regulations


Please fill in the form below if you wish to make a complaint about a candidate in the Students' Union elections


Please note that all election complaints must be submitted as soon as possible and by no later than 7pm on Wednesday 6th March

Elections Complaints Form


Your Details

Please provide us with your details so that we can contact you about your complaint if necessary.

Your complaint will remain anonymous and your details will not be shared with anyone. Your data will be securely stored by the Students' Union until the end of the academic year. At the end of the academic year we will safely discard your data.



Complaint Details

Please ensure you provide us with us as much detail and as much evidence as possible.


Please write the name of the candidate that your complaint is about:

Please provide us with an overview of your complaint:


Please upload any evidence to support your complaint below, i.e. photos, videos or screenshots.



Please make sure you have completed all fields before you submit the form. Please note that you can submit a complaint without evidence, but we strongly encourage you to provide us with any evidence you can so that we can explore your complaint in as much detail as possible.


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