Students at Welcome Fair

Networks ensure under-represented voices are heard and can make change.


Networks are an exciting way for students to build communities of under-represented groups and create change through collective action. Each network is led by a Part-Time Elected Officer who will collect your feedback, lobbying the uni accordingly. Joining a network will enable you to be better represented within the university, meet students in a similar situation and ultimately lead to an improved student experience.


For any networks that you're part of, you'll be invited to focus groups and forums. This is where you can voice any concerns and network with students who may be facing the same issues as you. The Part-Time Officer leading that network will use your feedback to inspire their campaigns, make sure everyone knows where they can access the relevant support and keep you updated on any progress. You can expect at least one feedback opportunity to be run each semester, but if there's lots of interest there will likely be more than this! You will also get to enjoy at least one free social event each semester, meaning you can solidify new friendships in a more informal setting!



Join a Network


You can find out more about all the networks by clicking onto their profiles. Once you're in there you can register a free membership to any you identify with. Once you've secured your free membership, you'll receive email communications to let you know about any upcoming events, feedback opportunities and updates.


Please note that networks are only open to students who identify with that group, making them a safe place to share experiences and opinions.