Network Benefits

Student laughing at Welcome Fair


There are so many benefits to being part of a network!


Networks simply couldn't run without the commitment and creativity of our student leaders. As such, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to run your network. The Student Voice team and Vice President Community are on hand to support all of our fantastic committee members throughout the year. Take a look at the support you can expect to receive as a network committee member, as well as how this experience will help you for years to come.


What's the benefit of starting a network?

Networks have access to a number of opportunities via the Students' Union, including...

  • You'll have the opportunity to meet other students who identify in the same group you do and work together to create positive change within the university
  • An exclusive page on our website to help you gain members and increase the sense of community felt by your group
  • Access to venues on campus like classrooms, Hutton Hall, The Key and The Oval
  • Access to funding to help you carry out a successful campaign of your choice
  • Permission to pop posters up around campus
  • Students' Union Awards

...and so much more!

What support will I receive?

As standard, all network committee members receive the following support from the Students' Union:


All network committee members must attend training at the beginning of their time in post. The training session only lasts an hour or two but gives you the tools you need to run your network effectively. As well getting an essential overview of all the basics, you'll come away feeling inspired and empowered

Network Committee Toolkit

The Network Committee Toolkit has been designed to make it super easy for you run your network. With everything stored in one place, it couldn't be easier to access anything you may require in your role as a committee member. Within the toolkit you'll find booking forms, tailored guidance, policies and so much more


In addition to the above provisions, you can also contact the Campaigns Coordinator at any time if you need additional support, chat to your VP Community if you have any great ideas you'd like us to explore, or pop along to a Student Council to share any feedback you may have with us

What opportunities are there for me to develop?

In addition to the basic training all network committee members must complete, you are eligible to take part in our brand new Skills Development Programme. This gives you the chance to work on your own personal and professional development, enhancing your employability and expanding your network

What recognition will I receive?

Being part of a network committee is kind of a big deal! Here are some of the ways you can show off about your voluntary role:

All network committee members receive a certificate at the end of the academic year that acknowledges their commitment to their role

You can use the hours you put in to help you attain a Go Herts Award, meaning you'll graduate from Herts with more than a degree

You are also encouraged to add the position to your CV and speak about it in interviews with potential employers, as this will give you a competitive edge over other candidates

Network committee members can also be nominated for an award as part of our annual Students' Union Awards, which celebrate the hard work of our student leaders


If you have any questions about being a network committee member, please don't hesitate to get in touch.