Network Support

Staff members on their laptops

Here are some of the ways we facilitate the development of our networks.


We have a huge range of facilities and resources that are exclusively available to our networks. Take a look at how we support our network committee members here.



We have a pot of money available for networks to assist them in carrying out their top campaign(s) for the academic year. Network committees will be given the opportunity to apply for funding with our Network Funding Form. Funding will be awarded at the discretion of the Student Voice Manager and the Head of Student Services. The funding bid must be signed off by the Lead and Treasurer of the network.

Frequent Feedback Opportunities

Network committees will be given the chance to meet with the Students' Union at least once per semester so they can feedback on their experience and seek any additional support needed.

As student leaders, network committee members are also invited to attend Student Council where their voices can be further amplified.

Network Committee Training

Network committee members will receive training that is specific to their roles, in addition to basic student leader training.

Staff Support


For networks that are closely aligned with the University's staff networks, mentors will be offered to support the network with their development. Where this isn't possible, a mentor will be offered from the staff team within the Students' Union. The mentor role will be assigned to a person that identifies with the demographic the network has been created for, so that the network has someone who stands with them and understand the issues they face.


Elected Officers

Every network will be allocated an Elected Officer for further support. If the Officer doesn't identify with that network, the network has the right to deny them access to meetings, but will be asked to share any key take-aways from meetings so that the Officer can provide them with the support they need. If the network is uncomfortable sharing this with the Elected Officer, it is suggested that they liaise with their mentor.


If you have any network-related questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.