SU Buddy Scheme Code of Conduct


We want all SU Buddy Scheme members (Buddy Volunteers and matched students) to have a positive experience of being part of the scheme. We want student to love life at Herts and to feel that the scheme enhances their experience at university.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned within the code of conduct, get in touch with us via

We expect all members of the SU Buddy Scheme (Volunteers and Buddies) to abide by the SU Buddy Scheme Code of Conduct.

The role of an SU Buddy Volunteer:

  • - The role of a Buddy Volunteer is to welcome new students to the University of Hertfordshire, and to keep in touch on a weekly basis over the duration of one semester.
  • - Each match through the SU Buddy Scheme will only last for one semester; however, students can choose to keep in touch outside of the parameters of the scheme if they wish to.
  • - Buddy Volunteers and matched students will be e-mailed details of their matches (including the contact details of their matches) once matches have been made. The Buddy Volunteer will be the first to make contact via text or WhatsApp to arrange the first meeting, either online or in-person. If meeting in-person, we suggest that meetings are arranged on-campus during the daytime. Meet ups may be arranged one-to-one or as a group with the Volunteers other matched Buddies; as a matched students, if you have a preference please make this known to your SU Buddy Volunteer.
  • - Conversations with Buddy Volunteers will remain confidential; details of conversations will not be shared with SU staff or university/external support services unless if the Buddy Volunteer considers the wellbeing of the student or others to be potentially at risk – in instances such as this, emergency support services will be contacted.
  • - It is a great idea to ask Buddy Volunteers questions about the types of activities which are fun to do on campus, or how to get involved with campus sport, academic representation, societies, or student networks.

Conduct of SU Buddy Scheme Members:

  • - Buddy Volunteers are students too, and it is important to respect their time and personal space. It is not appropriate to expect a Buddy Volunteer to be able to help at short-notice or to offer an uncomfortable amount of their time (over the 1 hour per week commitment). Therefore, it is important for both Buddy Volunteers and matched students to be mindful of the times of day that they contact each-other and that they are understanding if it is not always possible to arrange meetings or communications at their preferred times. It is important that all students prioritize balancing their studies, wellbeing, and commitments – and maintain healthy boundaries to do so.
  • - It is not appropriate for a Buddy Volunteer to be expected to offer money, academic skills advice or to proof-read academic work; if a Buddy Volunteer feels pressured to do so, they have been advised to contact the SU Advice Team to dissolve the match and take appropriate action where necessary. It is also not a Buddy Volunteer’s responsibility to solve a student’s problems. The role of a Buddy Volunteer is to listen and offer friendly support - signposting to fun activities or professional support services whenever appropriate.
  • - It is vital that all SU Buddy Scheme members treat each-other with kindness and respect; any conduct of either the Buddy Volunteer or student match which makes either party feel uncomfortable should be reported to the SU Advice & Support Team ( for investigation and further action to be taken where appropriate.

The role of Hertfordshire Students’ Union Advice & Support with the SU Buddy Scheme:

  • The Hertfordshire Students’ Union Advice and Support (ASC) Team facilitate the SU Buddy Scheme. As part of this role, we undertake the following:
    • - We administrate the registration of SU Buddy Volunteers, ensuring that their personal data is stored in accordance with GDPR.
    • - We provide training to SU Buddy Volunteers covering active listening, how to signpost to student support services, and how to talk about mental health and wellbeing.
    • - We administrate the registration of students who wish to be matched with an SU Buddy Volunteer, ensuring that their personal data is stored in accordance with GDPR.
    • - We facilitate the matching of students with Buddy Volunteers, matching in accordance with the student-specified criteria as closely as possible.
    • - We keep in touch with both the matched students and SU Buddy Volunteers throughout the academic year; to ensure that the matches are going well and to receive feedback about the user experience of the scheme.
    • - All scheme members are treated as per the Students’ Unions’ Equality & Diversity Policy.
    • - We investigate any concerns which are brought to our attention and take timely and appropriate action whenever necessary. If an allegation is of a severe nature and found proven, on the balance of probabilities, we reserve the right to dissolve matches or remove members from the scheme. It may also be appropriate to make referrals to the Students’ Union Disciplinary Policy, Dean of Students’ Office, or Police. Safeguarding the welfare of scheme members is our absolute priority.

If you ever have any concerns that you would like to raise with us, please contact the team via