Quality Students' Unions

Staff members at a Black History Month celebration

Quality Students’ Unions is a quality assurance framework specifically developed for SUs run by the National Union of Students (NUS) – the framework considers the quality, standards and overall effectiveness of students’ unions. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have been awarded NUS’s Quality Students’ Union accreditation, with the vast majority of categories being assessed as ‘excellent'!


Over the course of the first 6 months in 2021, we compiled a submission with evidence of our work on behalf of students in areas such as strategy, governance, communications, services, relationships & partnerships and student participation. The process involves both critical self-assessment and reflection of our work, which is then scrutinised by an external auditor against a number of criteria.


Whilst we are delighted with our outcome, we truly believe our work is ongoing. We are continuing to tirelessly devote our energies to defining what the UH student experience should look like as we progress with flexible learning. We know that we have not seen the true impact of the pandemic in terms of lasting effects on students’ mental health and wellbeing. We know that students have lost confidence in their abilities to navigate socially and we know jobs are still extremely difficult to come by for graduatesOur next step is to keep finding innovative and creative ways to support students as we navigate the post-Covid world togetherWe believe we have the right infrastructure in place to support this work, but we know we must remain focused on our objective of helping students love life at Herts.


You can download the report here