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Elected Officers Update - November 2023

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November was a successful month for all your Elected Officers! Here’s what they've been up to...


  • President – Manoj
  • Manoj has now started his weekly “Hello Herts” initiative, giving you the chance to speak directly to your President week in, week out. Each week he'll be placed in a different part of campus, so keep an eye out on the Elected Officers' Instagram to find out more!
  • Black Students’ Officer – Victor
  • Your Black Students’ Officer has continued leading the Black Students’ Network, lobbying for Black students around the University. He's partnered up with the Herts Police to create a safe space for the Black student community, as well as mobilising students to join any relevant cultural societies. He has also lobbied for more African food options in the campus restaurant. Watch this space!
  • Campus-Based Students’ Officer – Saj
  • Saj has been up to a lot this month! He's lobbied for more cultural food options to be available in the food court from January, such as South Asian food and (in partnership with Victor) African food. He has also been planning events for students on campus, such as a sustainable ‘swap shop’ which we'll be bringing to campus soon! He has also organised the ‘International Fiesta’ with International Students’ Officer, Padmavathi.
  • Commuting Students’ Officer – Olawale
  • Ola has managed to collect feedback from over 200 students regarding the Uno buses and has helped to increase bus services on the 614 and 644 routes. He has also successfully lobbied for an additional temporary shuttle service. If you'd like to give more feedback on your experience as a commuting student, Ola has started up the Commuting Students’ Network, where you can get together with other commuters and give your valuable feedback!
  • International Students’ Officer – Padmavathi
  • Padmavathi has recently conducted the first few International Connects! These sessions are held every Tuesday for home and international students to meet and chill out with each other. She has also worked closely with Saj to organise the recent International Fiesta event in The Forum. She also continues to lead the International Students Network.
  • LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer - Chinmay
  • Chinmay has been actively participating in Trans Awareness Week, working closely with the LGBT+ Society on showing students how to be the best possible Trans Ally. He's also been actively gathering feedback from the LGBTQ+ community on campus and is working on creating a survey to gather even more insight. He's also really looking forward to the End of Year Drag Night on Friday 15th December, for which he's played a huge organisational role.
  • Mature Students’ Officer – Chizobam
  • Chizobam has been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes lobbying this month. As the head of the Mature Students’ Network, she's gathered feedback from a number of mature students and has started lobbying for childcare bursaries for student parents at the uni. She's also been lobbying for the provision of child-friendly study spaces in the LRC. We'll keep you posted with any updates on this!
  • Placement Students’ Officer – Ifeoluwa
  • Your Placement Students’ Officer, Ife, has been having regular catch-ups with the University's Careers & Employability team, working to get better placement opportunities for students across all Schools of Study. She's been liaising with companies around the UK to build relationships and, in turn, increase placement opportunities.
  • Women Students’ Officer – Divya
  • Divya has been supporting the UH Wellbeing team for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence which runs from Saturday 25th November - Sunday 10th December. This is an international campaign, but Divya has been looking at the types of gender-based violence that can occur in the university environment. She's also introduced a feedback mechanism for women students which will be stationed in the different Schools of Study, and she continues to lead the Women Students' Network.

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