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Elected Officers Update - October 2023

October was a super fun and super busy month for your Elected Officers! Here's a lowdown of what's been happening over the past month...


President - Manoj

Manoj has done a lot of lobbying work around student finances, particularly in light of a number of instances of fluctuations in currency rates. Some of the best takeaways from this have been the recent extension offered to Nigerian students for their tuition fee payments (following some lobbying work alongside Victor), as well as the upcoming extensions to tuition fee payments for the January ('24) intake of students from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka.


Black Students' Officer - Victor

Your Black Students’ Officer helped lead the SU celebrations for Black History Month, giving students the chance to celebrate Black culture and history. In addition to a movie night over on De Hav, he ran a huge football tournament up at The Oval which saw students competing with the campus police!


Campus-Based Students' Officer - Saj

A dodgy fire alarm in Watton Court (De Hav) was recently brought to Saj's attention. With student safety being of paramount importance to us, Saj promptly addressed this issue with the relevant authorities and is pleased to say it has now been fixed. He has also relaunched the Postgraduate Network, with the goal of giving postgrad students a platform for academic & social interaction. Another priority for Saj is his ongoing work around the food options & prices in The Forum Restaurant. He is actively advocating for more food choices and pricing that is affordable for students.


Commuting Students' Officer - Olawale

Ola has been meeting with Uno Bus and discussing feedback with students regarding the buses, he has been going around De Havilland and College Lane bus stops with a survey for students to fill out and give detailed feedback. Make sure if you see him around to scan the QR code!


International Students' Officer - Padmavathi

Padmavathi has recently relaunched the International Students’ Network, hoping to create a home from home for international students here at Herts. She is also planning a programme of events that bring home and international students together in a way that hasn't been done before. And if you played in our game of Trick or Treat this Halloween, you will have seen Padmavathi dressed in her best spooky wear!


LGBTQ+ Students' Officer - Chinmay

Chinmay has lots lined up his sleeve! He's in the process of working with us and with societies to ensure we have an inclusive events calendar. He's hoping to run a drag night in December in The Forum - watch this space!


Mature Students' Officer - Chizi

Chizi has relaunched the Mature Students' Network and is excited to bring together mature students from different pockets of the uni, giving them a welcoming community and an opportunity to have their voices heard.


Placement Students' Officer - Ifeoluwa

In addition to bringing some spooky cheer to campus as part of our Trick or Treat game, Ife has been lobbying the uni to provide more placement roles for students at Herts. We're chuffed that they've agreed to release the opportunities earlier in the year, making it easier for students to find the best possible opportunity.


Women Students' Officer - Divya

Divya has launched the brand new Women Students' Network, bringing together female students and working to make campus safer for students that identify as women. She is also currently planning an anti-harassment campaign which will be going live soon!


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