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Elections - Results!

Presenting your new Elected Officer team!

Elections - Results

5,612 students submitted a grand total of 27,770 votes!


Our elections are always one of the most vibrant times of year as students come together to shape the future here at Herts


Our new Elected Officer model has been so successful this year that we've made no further changes. We had 121 students put themselves forwards as candidates, all campaigning tirelessly throughout the week. This resulted in a huge voter turnout! Special shoutout to all the candidates and all the voters. It's been another really competitive process this year


 The elections concluded on Friday 8th March with an exciting Results Night up in The Loft. We're pleased to reveal that the following students were successfully elected into the roles they ran for and will therefore make up your new Elected Officer team...

Elected Officers


President = Rohit Mahadevu

Black Students' Officer = Olanrewaju Samson Bamidele

Campus-Based Students' Officer = Krishna Singh

Commuting Students' Officer = Sahibkunvar Singh

Disabled Students' Officer = Mamoon Ahmed

International Students' Officer = Santosh Kumar Gottapu

LGBTQ+ Students' Officer = Zhora Jasper

Mature Students' Officer = Muhammad Anas Khan

Placement Students' Officer = Ameer Hamza

Women Students' Officer = Kesar Tejaskumar Dave


The Count

You can view the final count here...

You can download the results count here


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