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Improving your Mental Health with Movement

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we're encouraging you to get moving!

Improving your Mental Health with Movement Improving your Mental Health with Movement

Taking care of your mental health during university is vital. Regular movement places a crucial role in this. It not only enhances overall wellbeing but also uplifts your mood, sharpens mental alertness, and boosts energy levels. Even a short walk can make all significant difference. Not only does engaging in regular exercise help develop a positive body image and improved self-esteem, but it also reduces stress, anxiety and improves our sleep quality.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we are encouraging you to get active to enhance your mental health. We've summarised some of the top tips provided by the Mental Health Foundation for you to try:


Finding moments for movement everyday

Life as a uni student can get hectic, making it difficult to always prioritise your wellbeing. However, fitting in small moments of movement throughout the day is simpler than you might think. Consider how often you find yourself waiting during the day, whether waiting for the bus to class or for the kettle to boil. Use this time to get active with some short stretches!


Take a break from sitting

Many of us spend long periods sitting during the day, whether working in the library, scrolling through socials, or watching our favourite TV shows. Research shows that prolonged sitting or inactivity can be damaging to our health. If you find yourself sitting for extended periods during the day, consider setting a timer to remind you to take regular breaks. Stand up and walk around!


Find the fun

Remember the excitement of playtime back in school? We couldn't wait to dash outside. As university students, it's easy to overlook exercise as fun and more of a chore. Instead, connect with your inner child and rediscover the fun of being active. After all, laughter is the best medicine!


Connect with others

Participating in movement activities with others can strengthen personal relationships. Think of ways to make your hangouts with friends more active. Instead of meeting at a coffee shop, grab your coffee to go and enjoy a walk together. You can also use movement opportunities to meet new people. Explore our list of societies and events to join in. Being part of a society can boost self-esteem and alleviate feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety.


Try something new

Being open to new experiences can significantly benefit our wellbeing. Whether you've been inspired by your favourite footballer or have always wished to learn the tango, why not give it a chance? Stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things exposes us to fresh opportunities to get active, make new friendships and ultimately improve our mental health.


Listen to music that gets you moving

Some songs are simply made for moving. We all have our favourite tunes that get us on the dance floor in The Forum. Why not crank the volume up and boogie around your room like nobody’s watching?


Celebrate your achievements

Don't forget to reward yourself too, perhaps with a nice bubble bath after a walk in the park or something else that brings you joy. Appreciation is a powerful tool for cultivating positive thoughts and feelings. Recognising our progress is an essential aspect of moving for our mental health!


For more top tips this Mental Health Awareness Week on improving your mental health with movement, click here.


If you require any further support, please reach out to our Advice and Support Centre or one of the organisations available below:


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