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Can't find the society you're looking for? Why not start one from scratch!


To create a new society you'll need a minimum of 4 students to form the committee. The required roles are Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Inclusion Officer. All societies have the full support of the Students' Union. We provide comprehensive training, day-to-day support and development opportunities for all committee members. You can find the benefits of being a society committee member here. If you have any questions about starting a society, please get in touch.


When you have 4 students who are happy to sit on the committee, please fill out the form below. All Society Affiliation Forms are reviewed by our Vice President Activities and Student Development Manager. When they have made a decision, a member of the Student Development Team will be in touch to let you know whether your application has been successful or not. If successul, we'll support you in getting your society off the ground.


Society Application Form

Society Details

Student ID Number: 


Name of proposed society: 


Please tell us about the key aims of your society:

Please identify how your society will benefit students:

Please identify some events or activities which your society would like to arrange throughout the year:

Why do you feel this society is different to other societies that are here at Hertfordshire Students' Union?

How much would you like your society membership to cost? (This is what your members will pay to join, it must be a minimum of £1)


Committee Details

We will only use your details to contact you about matters related to the society. Your data will be securely stored by the Students' Union until the end of the academic year. At the end of the academic year we will safely discard your data.


To move forward with your society affiliation, you must have 4 students who will fulfill the roles of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Inclusion Officer. Please complete the table below with the details of your committee.



Full Name

Student ID Number

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Inclusion Officer


Please make sure you have completed the Society Details and Committee Details sections before you submit the form.