United Herts Gospel Choir


  • United Herts Gospel Choir Non-Student Membership£3.00
  • United Herts Gospel Choir Standard Membership£1.00


Who we are?
We are a choir that welcomes anyone who wants to learn how to sing. We teach
members gospel and motivational songs. We also do vocal lessons when we help members improve
their singing voices and growing the confidence to sing in front of large groups of people. Our sessions
will be on a Tuesday 7:30- 9:30pm each week. On College Lane Campus, Music and Media Building in room B01. We are having an talent show on the 17th of March . This is where people from the university can showcase their talents and win some prices! 

Aims For the UHGC
- For People to start or have a closer relationship with God
Some members may want to learn about the God that we sing about. Occasionally we will read the
bible and discuss stories in the bible. The stories and teachings will be about praise and worship.
- For members to have a society where they can socialise and make new friends
Some people may struggle with finding their feet in university. I aim for the choir to be a place for
people to feel comfortable and socialise with others.
- For members to improve their singing voices
We aim for members to notice a difference in their vocality from being a part of this society. This can
vary to feeling confident to sing in front of others to being able to sing higher notes. We will do vocal
warmups and word on members voices in small groups or individually.
- To become confident singing Publicly
Around the end of the academic year, all members will fill out a form to get feedback on if they have
noticed a change in their singing voices.

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