Language Exchange


  • Language Exchange Membership£5.00
  • Language Exchange Non-Student Membership£7.00


Our society is about instilling our passion for languages and their cultures and presenting the benefits of knowing more than one language in a globalized world. Plus if you wish to learn a new language and are unsure of where to start, this might be a good way to get you started!

Our societies aims are:

  • Promoting language development.
  • Creating a better understanding of the advantages of being able to communicate in different languages.
  • Creating more opportunities to practice a language from beginner to advanced learners.

We provide students with:

  • A safe and relaxed environment to meet other students to practice a language of their choice at their own pace.
  • Guest speakers who can share their own experience as bi-/multi- lingual and how it benefits them.
  • Occasional bigger events to discover other cultures in a fun setting.

Our Committee is:

  • Fanny Hamala (Chair)
  • Pavan Asodia (Treasurer)
  • John Pillas (Secretary)
  • Hannah Bedding (Inclusion Officer)



  • Welcome 2.0 Tombola£1.00

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