Society of the Month Nomination

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Help us determine the next Society of the Month.


The Society of the Month award is open for nominatons between November and May. Tell us about all the amazing things your society has done by completing the form below to submit your nomination! You can submit your nomination by the 5th of the next month (eg. 5th of December to be considered for Society of the Month for November.) The panel will then review all nominations and select the winner, which will be revealed on the 7th (or nearest working day) of the following month.


You can nominate your society for any reason really, but here's some things that we feel make societies a great fit for Society of the Month...

  • Collaborating with other societies, University departments, charities or the local community
  • Communicating frequently with the SU
  • Doing something especially creative or innovative
  • Enhancing the general experience of their members
  • Hosting a successful event
  • Increasing membership numbers
  • Making an outstanding contribution to the community
  • Running inclusive activities, events or trips

Society of the Month Nomination Form

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We will only use your details to contact you about your nomination if need be. Your data will be securely stored by the Students' Union until the end of the academic year. At the end of the academic year we will safely discard your data.



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