Award Categories

Male student celebrating award win

What are we celebrating this year?


This year we'll be dishing out the following awards!


When nominating, make sure you take into account the criteria listed below as that's what we'll be judging the nominations against


Student Awards

Unsung Hero Award

Brand new this year!

Open to all students, this award recognises an individual that has gone above and beyond to improve the student experience here at Herts. This could be anything from bringing students together to driving meaningful change for the benefit of their peers

Outstanding Contribution to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

This award is for a student, network, society or student leader that has gone above and beyond to improve the student experience for our diverse student population. They could have contributed towards the elimination of the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Awarding Gap, run an inclusive event or worked closely with the Chaplaincy or Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Office

Outstanding Contribution to the Students' Union

Union Fellowship Award

This award recognises students who have displayed an outstanding level of commitment to Herts SU during their time at the Uni of Herts. Recipients for this award are nominated and selected by the Elected Officers

Please note, only Elected Officers can submit nominations for this award


Student Leader Awards

School Community Organiser of the Year

This award recognises the School Community Organiser that has made an outstanding contribution to the student experience in their School of Study. They will have achieved this through community-building events, bringing about positive change and supporting their Student Reps

Student Rep of the Year

This award recognises the Student Rep who has made a remarkable impact in enhancing the academic experience of their peers, doing all they can to take student feedback further and look for solutions

Student Staff Member of the Year

Recognising the outstanding work of a Herts SU student staff member. The student staff member will have displayed considerable commitment to their role, going above and beyond expectations

Please note, student staff members that work for The Forum are not eligible for this one, but are eligible for the award below

Student Staff Member of the Year - The Forum Edition

Brand new this year!

Recognising the outstanding work of a Herts SU student staff member in The Forum. This award celebrates a student staff member that always goes the extra mile to ensure the success and smooth-running of our venue

Please note, only student staff members that work for The Forum are eligible for this one


Society Awards

Society of the Year

This award recognises a society that has had considerable success throughout the academic year. The society will have shown growth, run a range of events and engaged fully with its members & the SU

Society Committee of the Year

For the society committee that has displayed great commitment, drive and creativity to make sure their society is successful. The committee will have shown a remarkable level of engagement with their society members and the SU

Best Society Event

This award recognises the best event or programme of activity hosted by a society, either individually or in collaboration with other societies. The event will have been impactful, meaningful and/or particularly popular

Rising Star Award

Brand new this year!

For societies that are new to the scene or traditionally fairly small who you can't ignore! The society will have had a big impact this year and will show real promise for the future


University Awards

SU x UH Partnership Award

This award recognises a Uni of Herts staff member or department that has collaborated with the Students' Union to enhance the student experience by working closely on an activity, event, campaign or project for the benefit of students

Please note, only staff members can submit nominations for this award