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We need academic society committee members for the Philosophy Society! Would you be interested?


What are the benefits of joining?

- Network and make great friends with other students in your course across different year groups!

- Get the chance to improve your leadership, event planning, teamwork and communication skills in practice!

- Create an impact for students within your chosen degree by tailoring events for philosophy students!

- Gain a sence of accomplishment, a better understanding of your future career/field and create a deeper connection with your academic and professional community!


Convinced? Email and become a committee member today! :)



Are you someone who likes to find answers to all the impossible questions? Or just someone who is interested in learning the views of others?

If so then Philosophy Society is a great choice! This society is not just for those studying Philosophy, but for those who love to debate over important topics such as: 'Should the Judicial System focus on reformation rather than punishment', or 'Is there truly a God?'

But this is not all! We have hilarious debates as well which will range from: Should Disney continue to make live-action remakes of older films? And which Hogwarts house is the best? 

Alongside our debates, we wish to have the opportunity for you to present your ideas in our student lead talks. Some will be on the philosophy behind anime such as Attack on Titan, and others will be more serious, like what determines personal identity?

We plan to have Netflix parties to discuss TV shows such as The Good Place, as well as host games and quiz nights which include a range of philosophical, ethical as well as hilarious questions. Of course, due to current restrictions, all these events shall be online, but this will not ruin all the events we have planned and we hope that it will make our society even more accessible!

In addition to this, for those who have just started studying philosophy, we shall provide coursework and module discussions with the older year students, hoping to give helpful advice to those who wish for it in order to improve their grades.

Our aim is to have a range of people from a variety of backgrounds join our society, so please do not be shy, we want to hear your views.

Likewise, we take recommendations very seriously, if there is something you want to discuss or an event you wish to happen, our committee will look into these ideas and try and make your wishes real. 

So join if you want to make new friends, have meaningful or funny conversations, and (if the government permits) a fun trip to Cumberland Lodge for games and debates - because this is exactly what you will get if you become a member now!

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