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Our Student Reps are invaluable to us in supporting the drive for positive change where needed.


Below you can find out more about what they do, and some additional points of interest for your time recruiting/working with them.


We would also encourage you to nominate someone as part of our Rep of the Month scheme, as and when you feel like they deserve recognition.


What is a Student Rep?

Student Reps are appointed for the purpose of listening to their peers’ feedback on academic-facing issues, and then using it to drive positive change where needed. As volunteers in this critical leadership position, they amplify the student voice by raising such feedback with relevant staff from both the Students’ Union and University – working in collaboration with them to implement new ideas and propose solutions to problems. They also help to support School Community Organisers (SCOs) in making students’ overall experience of life at Herts the best that it can be. Check out the full role description below for more details.


Student Rep Role Description for 2022-23

Nominate a Rep of the Month

If you've been particularly impressed with the efforts of a Student Rep throughout the year, you can nominate them to become our Rep of the Month by completing this form.

Following each 'round', the winner(s) will then be decided by the Student Development team each time, based on the quality of what's been submitted for them.

Anything else I should know?

In terms of recruitment for 2022-23, we're asking that details of all Student Reps are sent through to by 5pm on Friday 14 October, so that they can be invited along to our Student Rep Conference (Wednesday 19 October) in good time. There’ll no doubt be situations in which this isn’t quite feasible, so it’s not a hard deadline in the sense that no more Reps can be taken on after this point, it would just help in terms of getting them trained up as soon as possible. For those who do come in later, there will then further opportunities for training on top.


The details that we’ll need in doing this are as follows, and we ask that they’re sent in password-protected documents/spreadsheets where required, to be safe when it comes to GDPR: Full Name, Student ID, Email Address, Programme, School, Level of Study.


Thanks in advance for your support here!


If you have any questions about anything mentioned on this page, please don't hesitate to contact us.