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The Students' Union is here to support you as a candidate in our upcoming Elections. Take a look at the resources we've pulled together to help you on the journey
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Running as a candidate?

Welcome on board! We're here to make sure your experience as a candidate in our elections is the best it can be. In this Candidate Hub you'll find a number of resources you can turn to throughout the process. If you need anything at any time or have a burning question, please don't hesistate to contact us at


Candidate Handbook

You can download the Candidate Handbook here


Key Dates

Candidate Bootcamp

Wednesday 15th March in Seventy7 (13:00-16:15)

A compulsory conference-style afternoon for all candidates. You'll be introduced to the SU, given guidance about running a successful campaign, run through the rules and given a chance to ask any questions. It's also a nice chance to meet the other candidates you'll be sharing this experience with!

Please note that candidates for our Part-Time Elected Officer roles can leave at 3pm


Candidate Question Time

Wednesday 22nd March in Seventy7 (10:00-16:00)

Hustings! Your chance to explain to students why they should vote for you

You'll be invited in to answer a couple of questions on camera. We'll edit it all into a handy video that students can watch, helping them to make an informed decision when it comes to voting

Please note that candidates should drop by during this time to film their bit. You are not expected to stay for the whole day; you will only be needed for about 10 minutes. Please expect to wait a while as candidates can turn up when they like, so we may experience rushes


There are heaps of reasons to run as a candidate in the elections. You'll get the chance to challenge yourself, meet loads of other students and have a laugh along the way. If you're successful, you'll land a job at the end of it all! Find out the benefits of being part of our Elected Officer team below...


Competitive pay Professional job experience Flexible working to suit you A unique addition to your CV
Develop your transferable skills The chance to make a difference here at Herts Loads of opportunities for professional development

Running in the elections can feel like a pretty big deal, but you're not alone!

We're here to help you every step of the way with...


Candidate Bootcamp Day-to-day support Creative Campaigning sessions A budget for your campaigning efforts

Full-Time Position


Who can run for the full-time role?

Only students that have official student leader experience here at Herts can run for the full-time role of President


I'd love to run for the full-time role of President but I'm not sure if I can. What counts as a student leader?

Recognised student leader roles are BAME Advocate, Buddy Volunteer, HertSquad Activator, HertSquad Club Committee Member, Network Committee Member, School Community Organiser, Society Committee Member, Student Council Chair, Student Rep and Student Trustee


I'm not yet in my final year of study, how will I take on the role of President if successfully elected?

If a student is successfully elected into our full-time role of President and is not due to complete their studies by the contract start date (Monday 26th June 2023), they will be required to temporarily suspend their studies for their year in post (Monday 26th June 2023 - Friday 28th June 2024). We will support the new President with this process if pausing their studies is required


Part-Time Positions


Who can run for the part-time roles?

Due to the sensitive nature of some of our part-time roles, we have certain eligibility criteria in place. To be able to run for one of these roles, you must be a continuing student that identifies as a member of that group (i.e. you must be a commuting student that's returning to Herts next year to run for the Commuting Students' Officer role). All the eligibility details can be found here


I've never been a student leader before but I'm really keen to get involved. Is there anything I can apply for?

Absolutely! Providing you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for one of our brand new part-time positions, which don't require official student leadership experience


I'll be studying next year and don't really want to pause my studies. Can I apply for any of the roles?

You sure can! Providing you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for one of our brand new part-time positions. These have been designed to be flexible, so students can take on the role alongside their studies


I'm in my final year of study and won't be returning to Herts for further studies next year. Can I apply for a part-time role?

Unfortunately only continuing students can take on one of our part-time roles




I'm not sure about running for a role. Is there someone I can talk to?

Of course! If you want to speak to a member of the team about anything regarding elections, please get in touch at your earliest convenience so we can talk it all through with you



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